I  love going to the movie theater! I know it’s expensive and I’m part of a dying breed who still likes the actual experience of “going to the show” (as my Mom used to call it), but I  love it. I’ll only spend the money for a movie I really want to see, though- there are plenty of movies that come out and I think, “Eh, I can wait for Netflix” And, admittedly, the bulk of my movie-going these days involves taking my kids to see children’s movies; gotta love Disney, amirite?  But every once in awhile I’ll even drop some Hamiltons on tickets for a real live grown-up movie I’m really dying to see. I’m also the person that has to have popcorn; I love movie theater popcorn more than decent people should. It’s waaaaay too pricey, and fattening, but I have to have it. But since it’s so salty I also have to purchase the gigantic 500 oz. drink they sell with it, and wind up slurping my way through the whole movie.

Therein lies my biggest movie-going problem: I have the bladder of a small child and need to pee all the time, even when I’m not chugging my weight in Diet Pepsi. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of an awesome movie and all of a sudden, I have to pee. Badly. Damn it! I’m going to miss a chunk of the movie if I get up to go. I try to just hold it, but that is so miserable; all I can do is think about how much I need to pee. My most recent theater visit was to see Rogue One and I held my bladder through more than half of that damn thing because I have a hard enough time following the Star Wars Universe as it is. Lose five minutes of crucial dialogue in one of those movies and I may well throw in the towel because I will be completely lost. So I crossed my legs and did the I’m-Going-To-Pee-My-Pants Toe Tap until the credits blessedly rolled. Ugh, that sucks.

But usually I get desperate, decide to bite the bullet, and just go. I quickly try to sprint to the bathroom, yanking my pants down in haste, attempting to pee as fast as I can (and it’s always the longest pee you’ve ever taken in your life, just to be extra annoying), all while wondering how much vital plot line I’m missing in my absence. Also, it’s not cool to come back from the restroom and ask the person you are with “What did I miss?” People want to punch that person. But it’s so hard to determine when the movie seems slow enough to sneak out, without worrying about what you will miss.  If only I could know ahead of time when a good time to take a restroom break would be….

Enter the RunPee App! This is genius and I don’t know how I’ve been living without it. The app is exactly what the name implies- it tells you when to literally “run and pee” during movies that are currently showing in theaters. The app attempts to give you several “Peetimes” for each movie and, according to their website, “We try to find 3-5 minute long scenes that don’t have crucial plot twists,  LOL moments, or exciting  action”. Even better, they will tell you what happened in the movie during your allotted Peetime so you know what you missed while you were gone. You can also select a timer on the app to alert you (by vibration, so it’s quiet) when the Peetimes are about to happen so you can focus on the movie without running the risk of missing the potty breaks. Love it.

Oh, and you know the trend in movies now where they show you an extra scene at the end of the credits? I always miss those because I rarely sit all the way through them. Well, the RunPee app will also tell you if the movie you are seeing has an added scene, so that you won’t miss it if you leave (or won’t sit there for no reason waiting for one that doesn’t exist). Bonus!

I was pretty pumped to find this app and thought many of you might benefit from it, too! I’ll link to the website so you can check it out:

Cheers to peeing without fear at the movies!


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