Since being diagnosed with gluten issues, I’ve tried several brands in an attempt to find a bread that I like. A few in the beginning were complete fails- either the consistency of the bread was strange and almost gritty, or the “feel” of the bread was doable, but the taste was off. A relative turned me on to Udi’s Brand breads and frankly, I’m in love! Udi’s breads are fantastic! It’s the only gluten free bread I have found that I like to eat without having to toast it; after so many misses,  I had resigned myself to never having a decent turkey sandwich ever again. But I find sandwiches with this brand to be delicious and very close to tasting the way they used to with traditional bread. The consistency of the bread is not exactly like regular bread, but it’s the closest and tastiest alternative I have found.

Udi’s bread is sold in the frozen section of the supermarket, and I do keep it frozen at home as well. I just simply thaw pieces of bread as I need them and it extends the shelf life of the loaf. This bread is awesome to use for toast and grilled sandwiches as well, and it’s absolutely perfect for making french toast. The slices do run a bit on the small side but I actually don’t mind that- I really don’t need a giant, overly breaded sandwich anyway. Udi’s offers several bread options other than just traditional white bread- you can also choose from whole grain, rye, millet-chia, and even a cinnamon raisin loaf, depending on your particular preference.

I also recently tried Udi’s Brand Hamburger Buns which I was very impressed with, and a look at their website showed breads I haven’t yet gotten to try- classic french dinner rolls and baguettes! You can be sure I will be trying these products in the near future; oh, how I have missed eating hot, crunchy baguettes dipped in olive oil! Mmmm…I’m hungry just thinking about that.

I definitely recommend giving Udi’s breads a try if you have not; they do not disappoint.

Happy Noshing!



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