Dear Faithful Blog Readers,

I suck. I’m a flake. I abandoned you for too long, and I’m so sorry. Life got super busy the last couple of months and, on top of being the most basic of bitches, I’m also an Aries. Which means I love starting projects and then, as soon as my attention wanders elsewhere, I completely switch gears and leave other endeavors half finished. Just ask my husband- the look of angst that crosses his face when I start a home project is hilarious and sad at the same time, because he knows I will happily strip all the wallpaper from a room but fail to paint it for months. (I’m looking at you, half finished backyard deck project!) Welcome to my dark side. But I have been properly chastised by faithful followers who weren’t afraid to be like “Hey! Where the hell are you?” I’m still here, I swear, and I vow to do better.

In my (extremely weak) defense, the month of May is hell every year. So much happens all in one month- what the hell is that about anyway? But then summer starts and it thankfully slows down a bit. Much of the last couple of months was dedicated to endless end of school year activities, soccer tournaments (oh yeah, on top of being a basic bitch I’m also a *gasp* SOCCER MOM! We’ll get into that later….), and the kick off to the summer routine. Now that it is summer and there is no school, my kids are home all day….every day…24 hours….in my face. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but DAMN. If these kids don’t learn to entertain themselves better and STOP FUCKING FIGHTING all day, I’m gonna lose my shit. Oh, and they also don’t feel the need to go to bed at night in the summer so even my evenings and nights are shot- swell. So while the blog is always in the back of my mind, taking the time to sit in peace (yeah, right- peace? That’s not happening anytime soon…) and actually put my flaky ass fingers to the ole keyboard and write has not been happening so easily. Case in point: In the short time it has taken me to write this quick note of apology, I got interrupted by my son FIVE TIMES, I shit you not. But as I happily realized as of late, you guys want more blog posts and damn it, you’re going to get them! (You love me, you really love me! That’s so awesome).

Thankfully there is no shortage of topics for me to add my cheap ass two cents to, so I promise there is new content that will be rolling out soon. Thank you all for sticking with me and to those of you who decided it was time to light a fire under my basic ass, I will always be a flake, but for you, I shall overcome.

Apologetically Yours,


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