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While driving my kids to school this morning, this conversation happened:

My daughter, Lily: “So all the Halloween decorations I hung in the basement yesterday are all down this morning.”

Me: “Ummm……all of them?”

Lily: “Pretty much, yeah.”

Me: (a bit freaked out but trying not to act like it) “Well……that’s…..weird. Maybe you didn’t hang them up well enough?”

Lily: “Maybe”

And then she drops this bomb:

Lily: “Do you ever feel like someone lives in our basement?”

Oh. My. God. OH.MY.GOD. What the hell kind of question is that??? A jolt of fear, dread, slight panic hits my gut. Why? Because she feels what I have felt before. How in the hell is this happening- how has she picked up on this???

In hindsight, I did not handle that question as well as I could have…..


She gives me a wide eyed and suspicious look. “Because it’s weird down there?”


Indeed it is, child. Indeed it is. But I thought I was the only one who felt like that.

Actually no, that’s not true. My son, who is 7 years old, has told me many times that it’s “scary in the basement”. He doesn’t really like to be down there alone. He never has. Sometimes if he’s been down there with his friend and he leaves a toy down there, I have to walk him down there to get it because he’s afraid to go down alone. But other times, he will go down there for awhile by himself- but usually not for very long, and he might feel comfortable down there one day, but not on another day. When I’m being rational, I chalk it up to just him being a little kid; kids are usually nervous to be alone anywhere. (I mean, he’s totally fine up in his room alone…..but…..I don’t know).

So, let me back up for a second. As you all know I’ve discussed the odd experiences I’ve had in the past, especially with living in what I can best describe as a haunted house when I was six years old. What I did not mention in that post is that that is not necessarily the last time I’ve have had strange things happen.

While in my current home I’ve not had anywhere near the bad experiences I had at Hell House, there have been odd things while I’ve lived here. A few of these include:

  • Often not feeling alone when I should be, and the feeling that someone walks up behind me when no one else is home
  • The sound of someone walking in the hallway upstairs (the floor is a little creaky under the carpet) at night when no one actually is
  • When Ian was a baby he used to smile, giggle, and reach for thin air
  • Toys in my kids’ rooms that would set themselves off, usually at night
  • When Ian was 3 or 4 he told me that he was just talking to his “grandma that was a bunny”. That sounds like gibberish, but it’s not. My husband’s grandmother died in 2006- her name was Bunny. Lily and Ian did not know her, but Ian knew exactly who she was when he first saw of picture of her
  • The door to our basement is often open for no reason, when none of us have been down there and usually I’m home alone when I notice it. The lights are off, and none of us go down there in the morning (it’s the kids playroom and our storage room down there, no reason to go down in the morning) but it will just be wide open. Quite often, actually.

Ok, that’s enough- you get the picture. Odd stuff. But not freaky, not scary, just weird. And I usually just ignore it all. As you know my general stance on all my weird crap is to deny, deny, deny. Well, this morning I’m finding it hard to keep my denial up and running. Lily thinks there is something weird about our house, too. Ugh. It’s much easier to decide I’m paranoid and crazy when I’m the only one.

I’m battling between my two sides: The Rational Skeptic and The Oh Holy Shit I’m Not Crazy, It’s All True Believer.

The Rational Skeptic side: “Settle your paranoid ass down, Samantha Anne. The Halloween decorations fell on their own because Lily hung heavy freaky fabric with masking tape and push pins, and it was too heavy to stay up. Everything else is just coincidence. It’s Halloween time so your kid’s imagination is running wild, and you are being a damned tool, too. Pull yourself together!”

The Oh Holy Shit I’m Not Crazy, It’s All True side: “Of course the house is haunted!! This shit has been happening your whole life. It CAN’T be coincidence! Something very rude ruined the Halloween decorations, and it is the same asshole who always opens the door. Lily and Ian are as haunted as you are, and now it’s time to buy sage and smudge the house!”


Back to the basement. It’s NOT a creepy basement- far from it. In fact, we turned it into a really cute playroom when our kids were little. (I know, I know, I think the basement is weird but I go ahead and make it a playroom and encourage my kids to hang out in it….that is the Rational Skeptic side’s fault; my other side thinks I’m a monster for doing this). But that doesn’t change the fact that I, too, have felt….odd, when I’m down there. More so than anywhere else in our house. No tangible reason for it (except for the door thing…..ugh, gross! Stop opening the door, you freak!) and nothing has happened when I’ve been down there. It was just a feeling sometimes, and feelings aren’t facts, so I’ve always just ignored it. And I’ve NEVER let the kids know any of this; I don’t want to scare them, obviously. So I’ve kept it all to myself and really just figured it was me being a head case.

So, why, why, why, for the love of god WHY, do my kids get the same feeling?

Nobody else does. Plenty of people have spent the night down there, as it also doubles as our guest room. They find nothing weird about it. My husband finds nothing weird about it, either. Just me and my two children, which proves nothing except for insanity is, in fact, hereditary.

Did some Googling about the subject today, because that’s how low I’ve truly fallen. It was NOT helpful. In fact, it made it worse. So, there’s that. Did you know that believers say that around Halloween the veil between the living and the dead gets thinner and really this should all just be expected right now? And that if I don’t want to “take action” around this time of year, it’s really best to just “ride it out” and it should all clear up after All Hallows Eve.

Ride it OUT???? Ride it out. Cool.

I can also smudge the house with sage, as I mentioned before, but I should be warned- welcome spirits can also be banished using this method. So if someone we love has come to visit (Hi, Mom and Grandma Bunny, I’m looking at you) they will be sent away, also. I mean. Now I feel guilty as well as crazy. Can’t get rid of the Decoration Hater without banning everyone. That feels rude.

So, I’ve chosen Option 3- blog about it so all of you can be in this with me. We can “ride it out” together. It’s been a jarring morning, to say the least, and misery loves company. Welcome to my world, friends…..never a dull moment.

Happy Halloween, and here is to hoping the “veil” is a little thicker at your house.

Still Hauntingly Yours,



One thought on “Do You Believe in Ghosts? Part Two: My Current Dilemma

  1. I’m now afraid to be alone in my house. 😂 keep me posted. Find it very interesting he knew who Bunny was. That is crazy!!



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