Hi, I’m Sam!

Ugh, “About Me” pages are the worst, right? It’s like, here is a bunch of stuff about me that you never actually wanted to know…..heh, heh, heh.

I’m married with two children, Lily and Ian. My husband, Brian, works in real estate and property management. I’m a former domestic violence and sexual assault counselor who now also works in property management; how on Earth did I make that switch? Don’t know, life is weird, here is where it has taken me. We live in a small city in Northwest Kansas and while some parts of living here may be exactly as you probably picture (yes, there are cows along the side of the road sometimes), people are often surprised that it’s not as weird or old school as they think (yes, we have McDonald’s, cell phone coverage, and wi-fi. Don’t laugh, I get asked these kinds of questions when I travel.) I really like where I live- it was a great place to grow up and now it’s a great place to raise my family. And the rumors are true- Kansans are the friendliest people in the world (most of the time…..).

I love reading, movies, pop culture, cooking, cocktails, and overall entertaining people- I host lots of parties! I’m also an actor (when I get the opportunity), love writing (hence, this blog), and love spending time with friends and family. I like to travel and especially love Disney vacations because I’m really just a big child who does not want to grow up. I’m allergic to all the food (no, seriously) and drink insane amounts of coffee everyday because caffeine addiction.

I hope you enjoy the blog; I know I have a good time writing it. It’s just my place to let all of my sarcastic thoughts, vent about the annoying, and joke about the general hilarity of life. Welcome to the dark side.